Earn Velocity Points on Auckland’s SkyBus service

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POSTED: July 24, 2018
UPDATED: July 24, 2018
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This partnership has you earning at least 100 Velocity Points every time you board the bus. Read on for our tips on how to earn extra points by buying roundtrip and family tickets.

Earn rates

Below is the table showing how many Velocity Points you’ll earn.

You’ll only earn Velocity Points on trips between the airport and Auckland City, not on the North Harbour Express route.

Two sweet spots to earn extra points

1. Book roundtrip if travelling alone

Basically, you’ll earn 100 Velocity Points for each ride on an Adult fare, except you’ll earn an extra 50 points if you book a roundtrip instead of two one-way tickets (250 points for roundtrip versus 100 for two one-ways).

2. Book Family 2 fare instead of two one-way Adult fares if travelling as a two-adult family

If you are travelling with up to four children aged between 4 and 16 years old (they don’t mention anything about infants on their website), they ride for free.

If you’re the only adult, you’ll travel on the Family 1 fare and get the same earn rate as a single Adult (100 points one-way and 250 roundtrip).

However, if you are two adults travelling with up to four children one-way, then you are better off buying the Family 2 ticket (for the same price as two one-way Adult fares) because you’ll get 250 points instead of 200 points in total if buying two separate tickets. For a roundtrip as a two-adult family, booking the adult tickets separately or together doesn’t make a difference in terms of points earn.

How to earn points

  • Buy online: enter your Velocity membership number on the booking page. Make sure the name on your booking matches exactly the name on your Velocity Frequent Flyer account.

  • Buy in person at a ticket booth: swipe your Velocity membership card (you need to have your card physically with you)

Points are not available when booking at an e-kiosk.

Summing up

This is a great way to earn Velocity Points on a service you may use already – though it’s an interesting choice of partner for New Zealand, as opposed to Airpoints. I presume this is because they already have a pre-existing arrangement for their services in Melbourne.

Remember, if travelling solo, a roundtrip will earn you more points than two one-ways; and if you are two adults travelling with a family, make sure to buy a Family 2 ticket instead of two separate one-way Adult tickets.

All images courtesy of SkyBus.

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