Virgin Australia Business Class redemptions with Virgin America Elevate Points

Virgin America’s Elevate frequent flyer program is pretty niche, but has one really specific use for New Zealanders – low tax/surcharge redemptions for Virgin Australia, which ‘can’ be good value for select Business Class flights to destinations in the South Pacific and Australia when there is a bonus Elevate Points offer available.

In this guide, we’ll look at some example routes, and explain how to purchase Elevate Points.

Important Note: The Elevate program will fold into the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program on January 1 2018, following a merger that closed on December 2016. This means that to take advantage of any favourable redemption rates with the Elevate program, you should ensure that you redeem for your flights before the end of 2017.

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Getting started – which frequent flyer programs should you join?

We often get asked ‘where to start’ with loyalty programs and frequent flyer points.

This one is a quick reference of all the various programs that are worth signing up for – the quick answer to ‘which programs should I sign up for’ is ‘as many as you can be bothered to’. All are free to join.

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