The best uses of Qantas Points: partners, upgrades and redemptions that offer the most value

The feedback I hear from many Point Hacks readers is that while Qantas Points are fairly easy to earn, they can be tough to redeem, especially for popular routes, such as long-haul flights to Melbourne to Los Angeles. So knowing where to get best value out of them becomes important.

The difficulty in redemption is a factor of supply and demand – more points on the market from various Qantas promotions, as well as frequent flyer and credit card partnerships means more points to go around. More points to go around means more competition for the same amount of seats on planes, and as a result, it can be tough to get the seats you want, when you want, in the cabin you want.

Notwithstanding, Qantas Points can be quite lucrative if used correctly – I like to keep building my Qantas balance where possible and here’s my take on why. Continue reading…

How to redeem Qantas Points for Jetstar flights from and within New Zealand – not good value for most routes in New Zealand

Jetstar has really come onto the travel scene in our region over the past decade or so, becoming a big player on Trans-Tasman routes, and giving Air New Zealand some much needed competition on domestic routes and flights to Rarotonga.

One unique use of Qantas Points is redeeming seats on Jetstar flights. These can be easily earned in New Zealand from everyday spend on either the Qantas Cash Card, or the American Express Platinum Charge and Platinum Edge cards.

However in most cases, using points on Jetstar flight redemptions on routes serving New Zealand will not be good value, given the low fares already on offer.

In this guide, we explain when using points might be good value; outline the routes and aircraft that Jetstar operates; provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a booking; and link you to Jetstar guides and reviews. Continue reading…