Looking to save on fees and points for New Zealand – USA Qantas Point redemptions? Book American Airlines flights, not Qantas

One of the biggest annoyances for most people when using Qantas Points are the taxes and fees they slug you with when redeeming points. For Economy flights, these can often be a deal breaker for using points when fares are cheap.

If you’re willing to look away from Qantas for your flights to the US (which you really should), you can save points and cash by redeeming with American Airlines – plus also avoid the backtrack across the Tasman.

American Airlines offer a seasonal Auckland to Los Angeles flight, which started in 2016, but this tip is still just as valid – so we’ve updated this guide for those planning travel to the US in early or late 2019.

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Qantas A380 First Class overview

It’s been more than a decade since Qantas first flew the A380 in October 2008, and their First Class product has remained relatively unchanged in that time—along with the demand from frequent flyers and points-redeemers to find themselves in this exclusive, 14-seat cabin. Continue reading…