How to transfer points into Velocity Frequent Flyer

How to transfer your points into Velocity

It is always handy to have a stash of Velocity Points at your disposal when you start planning your next flight redemption.

Apart from flying, there are plenty of other ways to keep your Velocity balance healthy and full, just from your normal daily spending and activities.

This guide will show you all the different ways you can transfer points into your Velocity account from external sources, such as other airline and rewards programmes and credit cards.

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Good value: Convert Hotel Points into British Airways Avios with a 35% bonus

British Airways is offering a 35% bonus when you convert hotel points into Avios until 31 March 2018.

Converting hotel points into frequent flyer points is usually poor value. If you stay at hotels regularly, you’re generally better off maintaining your points balance to redeem on free nights, especially if these points have been earned the hard way as a ‘road warrior’.

However, there is a way in which you could take advantage of the current promotion to ‘buy’ some cheap Avios at a rate far less than what you could buy from British Airways directly. Continue reading…