A comprehensive list of change and cancellation fees for award bookings [2019]

You’ve just spent the last couple of years of your life chasing points promotions and working out which card to buy what with, and have racked up the points and booked your dream trip.

You’ve booked a year out, because that’s what you have to do, right?

Then something unavoidable happens that’s not covered by your travel insurance, and you have to change or even cancel your trip. What happens then? Well, you’ll be up for some fees.

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A full list of frequent flyer program phone details for faster research and booking

It’s no secret – frequent flyer redemptions can be a pain, especially given how much time you’ll spend getting through to a customer service agent on the phone.

Often phone calls are the only way to complete a task that’s not even complex – they are just a necessary fact of frequent flyer life.

Call enough times and you’ll start to see how much time you are wasting finding phone numbers, selecting options and verifying fees. So we thought we should collate all the information for you in one place (this page) for the major frequent flyer programs we deal with in New Zealand in the hope it will save us all some time.
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How to get your credit card annual fee reduced or waived

Credit Card annual fees for points collectors are a fact of life – if you want a card that will earn you the most points, you’re almost certain to have to pay a fee with the card.

There are often offers that may waive the fee in first year, but more often than not you’ll be left to pay the fee once your first year is up. But – there’s no harm in asking your bank if there’s any account retention offers available to you before the fee is charged.

This guide helps build a crowd-sourced list of banks, credit cards and tactics you can employ to help get your annual fees reduced or waived entirely, for you to understand and take advantage of if you decide to do the same.
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AwardWallet Plus tripling in price to $30/year from February 2017: subscribe now to get grandfathered pricing at $10

To really get the most out of being a points collector, you’ve got to have quite a few different accounts for every airline, hotel and car hire place on the planet. This can become pretty unwieldy, pretty quickly.

This is where Awardwallet comes in – and if you haven’t used it before, it’s an excellent service. From 1 February 2017, the premium version of AwardWallet will increase from $10 to $30 per year, however, if you sign up beforehand, you will get the $10 per year price for the life of your account.
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When can a frequent flyer program kick you out and take all of your points?

Our Australian contributor Peter Botros likes to get stick into terms and conditions (he’s a lawyer – that’s what they do, I guess). This guide covers when the banks and airlines can completely terminate your membership and what happens to your points if they do.

Previously we have looked into terms and conditions of Airline frequent flyer programmes to let you know when they can change their terms, and whether or not they they have to give you any notice before they do it.

Sorry to be a downer – we hope no one ever gets into a situation where account closure is an issue. But forewarned is forearmed!
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