Destination guide: 7 reasons why Iran has been my favourite travel experience to date

One of the most misunderstood and undervalued countries of the world, my recent trip opened my eyes to a land of hospitable people, beautiful architecture, amazing food…and very few tourists.

This guide is designed to inspire travel to Iran and give practical travel tips that are hard to find for a country so rarely visited, with the second half outlining the best ways to get to Iran using your points. Make sure to read The Essentials section at the end of this piece.
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How to use your points to fly to Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular destination for travellers in New Zealand and, as such, we often get questions like this one in the Questions & Answers section of our Australian website:

What is the likelihood of obtaining three seats on X Business Class to Hawaii? Any tips?

This is a really great question, so we’ve decided to revamp our guide on how to use your frequent flyer points to fly in comfort to the Hawaiian Islands. Continue reading…

Destination Guide: The Mexico beyond Cancun and Cabo

Mexico — and Latin America in general — has crept up on our travel radar over the last decade, and with good reason. It is a well-loved destination for its friendly people, tasty food and developed tourism infrastructure.

Mexico is a great option as a standalone trip of 3-4 weeks, or as an add-on to a longer US-Canada or Latin America odyssey.

As the next country in our destination guide series, in this guide we run through some of the highlights of why you may want to travel and use your points to get to Mexico. Continue reading…