Guide to using Entertainment Book promo codes to secure discounts on car and motorhome hire

The Entertainment Book offers a wide range of exclusive car and motorhome offers, most of which can be taken advantage of at participating locations in New Zealand and Australia.

While you will need to be a member to take advantage of these offers, we thought it would be helpful to have a quick reference guide that can be referred to at any one time.

In this guide, we’ll look at the different promotions on offer, and the relevant terms/exclusions for each. Continue reading…

Guide to the Hertz Gold Plus loyalty program and getting the most out of Hertz rentals

We talk a lot about the benefits of loyalty – particularly with airlines, and less so with Hotels. Point Hacks contributor Todd Heslin, who also wrote the Hacking Hertz Gold Status guide, has written a complete guide for Hertz Gold Plus and Hertz car rentals for the points-savvy traveller.

When it comes to luxury cars, and those that turn heads – Todd’s an expert. In fact, there is so much opportunity to find your way into a prestige car this weekend, for pennies on the dollar of traditional car ownership costs, Todd has started RideHacks – a site specifically for getting the most value from luxury car rentals.

This guide is a modified version of his ‘Ultimate Guide to Hertz’ that Todd posted up on RideHacks last month. He has modified certain parts for the Point Hacks audience and broadened his focus from only luxury car rentals, to all types of car rentals. Continue reading…