Virgin Australia Business Class redemptions with Virgin America Elevate Points

Virgin America’s Elevate frequent flyer program is pretty niche, but has one really specific use for New Zealanders – low tax/surcharge redemptions for Virgin Australia, which ‘can’ be good value for select Business Class flights to destinations in the South Pacific and Australia when there is a bonus Elevate Points offer available.

In this guide, we’ll look at some example routes, and explain how to purchase Elevate Points.

Important Note: The Elevate program will fold into the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program on January 1 2018, following a merger that closed on December 2016. This means that to take advantage of any favourable redemption rates with the Elevate program, you should ensure that you redeem for your flights before the end of 2017.

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The basics of buying airline and hotel points or miles – why you’d want to, and what you need to know to get a deal

Many overseas frequent flyer and hotel rewards programs sell their miles or points to their members, often with chunky bonuses to get you to sit up and pay attention.

If you’ve been reading Point Hacks for a while you will have seen us cover different discounts and bonuses, but it’s useful to explain the basics of why these are deals, as well as how to go about it generally.

Buying points and miles is just one pillar in earning and redeeming points for cheaper travel experiences, and in this guide I’ll try and break down the reasons for getting ‘in’ on this strategy, a basic methodology to adhere to, and a look at some of the considerations Continue reading…

The marvellous & murky world of online points & miles brokers

The first rule about points and miles is that everyone always wants more.

The lust for continually acquiring miles has created a cottage industry in the grey market known as ‘mileage brokers’. These brokers have a simple proposition – buy miles from us at a low price, and save big by redeeming said miles for First and Business Class tickets. Arbitrage in its simplest form.

But who are these guys? How do they work? Is it legal? What happens if you use them? In late July, with a bit too much time on his hands, I decided to find out. Continue reading…

Need more Asia Miles for a redemption? Here’s how to buy Asia Miles to top up your account

Frequent flyer programs generally fall into two camps when it comes to selling you points or miles directly – those who allow it, or even promote it aggressively, and those who either don’t allow it or set the price so high as to make it uneconomical.

Asia Miles pretty much falls into the latter camp, but if you are a few thousand miles short of a specific redemption, it’s worth knowing how to buy some Asia Miles to get you over the line.

There are two options when it comes to buying direct from Asia Miles themselves – purchasing a top up, and buying Asia Miles more generally. Continue reading…