Buy British Airways Avios at their best price in over a year

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This is a great opportunity to top up your British Airways Executive Club balance with Avios to use for cheap last-minute Business and Economy Class flights on Qantas in Australia, American Airlines in the US, and Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific in Asia.

These offers usually only come twice a year. The fact that this is the best price we’ve seen since November 2017 means it is a prime time to stock up on Avios. Continue reading…

Qantas removes most restrictions on point purchases – easier top-ups now available

For those who know how to use rewards points effectively, buying them outright can be an option to secure cheaper travel – the cost of the points should be less than otherwise paying for the flight or hotel.

To buy points (like anything) you have to know what kind of price offers good value – so in this guide we’ll look at some of the different ways you can buy Qantas Points – specifically, to top up your account – and if it’s ever worth it. Continue reading…