Don’t want to use points cards for travel rewards? Consider cashback instead

Credit Cards and money on back pocket

We talk a lot on Point Hacks about using your reward points for travel, particularly premium travel experiences. This is, in our opinion, the best value method of using your points.

However, there are some people who aren’t chasing travel experiences, and simply want to absolutely get the most return from their spend in cash.

If that’s you, using your reward points for cash back (or cash equivalents, like vouchers) can make sense as a way to stretch the budget.

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New American Express Lounge Sydney overview

American Express Lounge Sydney

American Express’ new and spacious Card Member lounge is now open at Sydney International Airport in a completely renovated space previously occupied by Malaysia Airlines.

The new lounge is three times larger than the previous lounge at over 600 square metres—offering guests not only more space but a greater choice of amenities and dining options.

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