When variable points pricing with Airpoints can offer good value

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A common critique of Air New Zealand’s Airpoints programme is that its points offer poor value on flight redemptions.

While this is a myth in some scenarios, particularly where you use Airpoints on partner redemptions, it is true that using Airpoints Dollars for Business Class seats with Air New Zealand itself is usually not the way to go.

However there are exceptions where variable points pricing does come out ahead.

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Travelling on international flights with children and infants

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While travelling in New Zealand with an infant is a relatively painless process, the same cannot be said for international journeys, particularly those which can span 12 hours or more.

All airlines have some version of an infant policy, but these can vary depending on the route and class of travel. We’ve compiled a list of twelve major international airlines which fly from New Zealand, and can be easily booked with frequent flyer points. 

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Our guide to travelling with children and infants domestically


Every parent who has travelled with an infant is well aware of the challenges. Solid planning and preparation are essential to a parent’s ability to not only retain their sanity during air travel but maybe even to enjoy the experience.

A little bundle of joy doesn’t have to mean the end of your dreams to use your points for premium class travel, though. The difficulty, however, is deciding which airline, flight, or even type of aircraft is best for infants – and subsequently finding the right seats for the best price.

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