Qantas Club Brisbane overview

This lounge sports a premium feel and dedicated lounge entry, offering a welcome escape from the main terminal—but it can get crowded

The Brisbane domestic Qantas lounges have undergone a major overhaul in 2017, and as a result, are now easily leagues ahead of the older lounges in other cities.

There is a premium check-in facility offering direct entry into what they call the ‘Premium Lounge Precinct’ where the Qantas Club, Domestic Business Lounge and Chairman’s Lounge are now located, as well as an expanded range of food, drink and types of spaces.

We take a look at the Brisbane Qantas Club during a peak weekday travel period, which unfortunately meant this lounge was extremely busy at the time of our visit.

Lounge details & location

If arriving at Brisbane Domestic Terminal from outside, the easiest way to the lounges is through the Premium Lounge Entry, mirroring Virgin Australia’s offering nearby. But Qantas have improved upon the idea, with check-in desks also accepting checked luggage.

Brisbane Qantas Club

Once you have your boarding passes, your eligibility to enter the lounges will be checked by staff. Next up is security screening in a dedicated lane, and once cleared, you are officially in the Premium Lounge Precinct.

Brisbane Qantas Club

An escalator or lift will whisk you up one level, to the main foyer of the Qantas Club. To the left is the Domestic Business Lounge; to the right is a grab-and-go coffee station to get your caffeine fix in the busy mornings; and directly ahead is a service desk.

Brisbane Qantas Club

If you follow the path forward and to the right, you will find the space split into a fork—the left path leads to the boarding gates, and the right path opens up into the Qantas Club proper. Stools are dotted around the partition, which are suited to those waiting for someone.

Brisbane Qantas Club

If you are already in the terminal, then you can access the lounge precinct through the clearly marked entrance. Your boarding pass will be checked before you go in. This is also where passengers depart the lounge precinct to the boarding gates.

Brisbane Qantas Club

The opening hours are one hour prior to the first Qantas-operated service of the day until the last Qantas departure, seven days a week.

Lounge seating

The Brisbane Qantas Club has a very open-air atmosphere, especially since the ‘entrance’ seamlessly blends in from the foyer area. The outskirts of the lounge have bar tables completed with foliage growing on top. Power points can be found under the tables. The drinks bar itself is visible in the photo, towards the far left of the room.

Brisbane Qantas Club

Moving further in, the food spread lines the whole left wall, adjacent to the drinks bar.

Brisbane Qantas Club

The space here is optimised for eating, and includes large communal areas and smaller dining tables.

Brisbane Qantas Club
Brisbane Qantas Club

Towards the end of the lounge are windows that face the exterior of the airport, as well as a small kids section, the ‘Qantas Family Zone’.

Brisbane Qantas Club

From here, the bulk of the lounge seating follows along the windows. You will find the usual mix of chairs grouped around tables but because of the density of seating, privacy is limited and noise unavoidable.

Brisbane Qantas Club

On this side of the lounge, there is a mini coffee and tea station.

Brisbane Qantas Club

If you want a bit more space and silence, then head away from the windows into a small nook towards the far end of the lounge. Busy passengers will tend to not gravitate so far into the lounge, and it remained fairly serene during the visit.

Brisbane Qantas Club

Heading back to the main dining area, you will pass the final zone of the lounge, which is geared more to productivity and collaborations. Office-style chairs and tables complete the library look. A number of meeting rooms are dotted around the perimeter, with the capacity to fit four, six or eight participants. These need to be booked with Qantas for access.

Food & drink

Qantas Clubs will always have a salad bar open during the day, with occasional hot food and sweet bites making an appearance. The Brisbane lounge had a very decent variety of light and healthy options on offer, plus a spicy pasta dish, and chocolate profiteroles to finish.

Brisbane Qantas Club
Brisbane Qantas Club
Brisbane Qantas Club

The bar is well-stocked, with a selection of beers on tap, red and white wines, soft drinks and spirits. This is also the place to ask for a barista-made coffee.

Brisbane Qantas Club
Brisbane Qantas Club

A self-service tea station and coffee machine are located towards the window side of the lounge, near the Family Zone.

Brisbane Qantas Club

Shower & bathroom amenities

These are located in a hallway adjacent to the food and drink area. The bathrooms are well appointed, although only have basic soaps and hand towels compared to the Domestic Business Lounge.

Brisbane Qantas Club

There are also a few shower rooms, although these were all in use during the visit. In line with other Qantas Clubs, you can expect towels and basic multi-functional soaps in each room.

Lounge access options

There are quite a few ways to enter the Qantas Club, as long as your next onward flight is with Qantas or Jetstar. Guests are usually allowed in the lounge (1-2 depending on your benefits) and they do not need to be travelling at all, in most cases.

Anyone who is eligible for access to the Qantas Club will be able to enter through the Premium Lounge Entry. However, Jetstar passengers will still need to check-in at the Jetstar desks first.

  • By class of travel: Business and connecting First Class passengers (1 guest allowed)—but use the neighbouring Business Lounge instead
  • By Qantas status: Qantas Gold (1 guest) and higher (2 guests)
  • By Qantas Club membership: Qantas Club members and Annual Guest Card holders (1 guest)
  • By airline partner frequent flyer status: Emirates Skywards Gold or higher, China Eastern Miles Gold or higher, Air New Zealand Gold or higher on an NZ codeshare from 28 Oct 2018 (1 guest)
  • By oneworld status: Sapphire and Emerald members travelling on a oneworld flight (1 guest); International First (1 guest) or International Business (no guest) travelling on a Qantas flight or arriving on a oneworld flight in First or Business, respectively
  • By credit card: There are no credit cards currently on offer in New Zealand that offer access to Qantas lounges.
  • By day pass: From achieving Qantas Silver, or sometimes offered for purchase via email before your flight for $49—not available at the door

Our take

You will be blown away by how good the ground experience in Brisbane is. The Premium Lounge Entry flows smoothly and the renovated lounge is a bright, stylish space to spend an hour or two. As we have come to expect, the Qantas Club has a very consistent food and beverage offering of reasonable quality.

It does get quite busy during peak periods which degrades the experience a bit but that is to be expected at a busy airport like Brisbane. Even though the lounge fills up, there was never a moment where nobody could not find a spot to sit. Traffic concerns aside, this is no doubt one of the best Qantas Clubs in their domestic network.

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