Qantas offering double status credits for new bookings made until May 4th

For those on the hunt for Qantas Frequent Flyer status (Gold and Platinum are those most worth aiming for), finding double status credit offers are a bit like getting a key to the status kingdom at half price.

Usually these offers are targeted based on individual member behaviour – but right now Qantas have an open offer to any member for double status credits on all flights booked between now and 4th May.

The eligible travel period is wide open – flights from 28 April 2016 to 16 April 2017 are included, along with all Economy and International flights and in any class of travel.

As long as you fly on a QF-coded flight on a Qantas operated aircraft (i.e. you’ll need to ensure you’re booking a Qantas issued ticket, not via Emirates or another partner on a codeshare) you should be eligible for the double status credits.

The only exception to this is the American Airlines flights between Auckland, Sydney and Los Angeles – but only when booked as a Qantas codeshare.

You’ll need to register first, and there’s nothing lost by doing so other than about 60 seconds of your time – so even if you think you’ll be chasing down Qantas status in the next 12 months, then register anyway and consider if there are any bookings you could make now instead of after May 4th.

The promotion is likely designed to drive forward bookings for Qantas toward the end of the current financial year.

Good luck to those chasing those shiny status cards!

Qantas offering double status credits for new bookings made until May 4th was last modified: May 1st, 2016 by Daniel Kinnoch