How to easily compare legroom across a number of flights in just one glance

As Economy cabins become more cramped, getting the most legroom is increasingly important to our comfort, especially on longer flights.

When starting a trip search, Google Flights is usually first place I start. And now it is even more useful with Legrooms for Google Flights, a free extension available for Google Chrome web browser users, helping you easily compare seat differences across a range of airlines and cabins.

Without the extension

Google Flights has for already some time been displaying seat pitch (the distance between your seat and the one in front of you), however, you have to click on each individual flight to access that information:

The LATAM 787 offers average legroom at 79 cm

With the extension

Now you can compare the Economy seat pitch across all flights in one glance:

Jetstar are looking a bit tight for legroom on the Trans-Tasman hop

A standout feature is for Business Class passengers, who can now easily see which flights operate with a lie-flat (the best), an angled-flat (one step down) and a recliner/extra recliner seat (the worst):

Qantas now have lie-flat Business Class between Auckland and Sydney – make sure you get on one of these flights instead of the 737 which has a recliner

This feature works for First Class and Premium Economy cabins too.

How to install the extension

  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome installed as your web browser
  2. Install the Legroom For Google Flights extension and it will automatically appear in your next Google Flights search

Summing up

Google Flights is already quite a reliable and easy-to-use flight search engine, so installing this nifty extension from a third party developer is a no-brainer to help enrich your results.

Google Flights is also a great tool for hacking cheap or free stopovers and creating price alerts.

H/T: The Points Guy

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