Intro to earning Fly Buys points: supermarkets, fuel, other partners & bonus points

GUIDE: Earning Points
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POSTED: October 2, 2017
UPDATED: May 30, 2019

Over 2.4 million people in New Zealand use the Fly Buys program, but if your points strategy only involves scanning your card at the register, you may not be maximising the number that you earn. This is because there are nearly 60 partners where you can earn Fly Buys points.

There are plenty of different ways to use your Fly Buys points once you’ve got them, including redeeming on flights with Air New Zealand, and on gift cards with Helloworld which can be used to purchase any flight, in any class, worldwide.

In this guide, we run through the basics of how to maximise the Fly Buys points you earn on your everyday shopping, as well as additional ways to earn more points, including without needing to spend a cent.

Earning at the register

Scanning your New World Clubcard at the register at New World supermarkets when you make a purchase is one of the easiest ways to earn points on everyday spend. You’ll earn 1 point per $25 spent.

There are a number of other stores that will also accept Fly Buys at the register:

  • Henry’s: 1 point per $20
  • Liquorland: 1 point per $25
  • Noel Leeming: 1 point per $25
  • Paper Plus: 1 point per $25

You can earn 1 Fly Buys point for every $25 spent at New World

Earning with the Z partnership for fuel and in-store purchases

You can earn 1 Fly Buys point for every 20 litres of fuel, or bonus points when you spend in-store on the following:

Don’t worry if you don’t fill up with 20 litres each time you visit – if you fill up with 15 litres one week, and 35 litres the next, your total of 50 litres will get you two Fly Buys points and you’ll be halfway to your next point. This includes any fills at Z by other cardholders on your account too.

As an added incentive, you’ll also get an instant 6 cents off per litre of fuel. This makes Fly Buys a must have when you visit Z. This is a replacement for their previous agreement with Countdown where you would earn supermarket dockets. I think it’s great that they’ve done away with these altogether. The full terms for this offer can be found here.

You can scan your membership card either at the pump, or in-store.

You can earn Fly Buys through your business too, and we’ll explore this more soon.

Earning on travel

We all love to travel, and thankfully there are opportunities to earn Fly Buys points when you’re on the road.

Hiring a car? You can earn Fly Buys points with Avis and Budget on most domestic leisure rates, at a rate of 1 point per $10 and $20 spent respectively.

Searching for accommodation or flights? Book with Helloworld and earn 1 point per $50 spent. You should also be able to double dip with most hotel and airline rewards programs.

You can also earn points when booking direct with Golden Chain Motels and Kiwi Holiday Parks at a rate of 1 point per $20 spent.

Free Fly Buys points

You can earn Fly Buys points online without any spend.

Complete online surveys with Colmar Brunton, and for every survey you complete, you’ll earn a minimum of 5 Fly Buys points (and many more for longer surveys).

Do you like reviewing businesses on Yelp or Zomato? Well, also needs your help, and are willing to offer Fly Buys points just for reviewing local businesses. The more reviews you write, the more points you get. You’ll receive 3 points for each review, plus a bonus 10 points for your 10th review, and 20 points for your 25th review.

You can earn Fly Buys points in exchange for your time, rather than money

Fly Buys Go

You can get even more points at places like your favourite bar, café or even florist.

All you have to do is link your debit, EFTPOS and credit cards to Fly Buys GO, and you can start getting 1 point per $20 spent automatically. Your purchases are cumulatively added together across the different retailers, so you earn more points. You’ll also continue to earn points on any rewards credit card you may be using.

There are currently 21 Fly Buys Go partners across the country, with most in Wellington, but also a few now popping up in Auckland, Napier and Tauranga. The full list can be found here.

You can link up to 6 different cards, so you can make sure you’re earning regardless of which card you choose to use.

Bonus Fly Buys points

Fly Buys often provide the opportunity to earn bonus points at places like New World, Z Fuel, Paper Plus and Liquorland. They will usually offer you a number of bonus points to tempt you to spend a little more on your next shop.

The most common offers include:

  • Multiplying your points earn at a particular retailer – These will regularly be offered for common partners (e.g. Z Fuel) and can be as high as 3x.
  • Giving you bonus points for making a purchase – These will usually be for retailers like Paper Plus that are pushing particular product lines. They will usually have a minimum spend attached.

The bonus point promotions are easy to manage, since they are linked to your Fly Buys card and account number, and usually don’t require anything special to activate the offer.

The easiest way to keep track of the different promotions is to download the Fly Buys app. It will also act as a digital card, and will keep a tab on the number of points you have and their expiry date.

The app is available for download on iOS or Android.

Paper Plus frequently offer bonus point promotions, you can keep track of these through the Fly Buys app

Other Fly Buys direct-earn partners including BNZ

In addition to their main retail partners, Fly Buys also has a number of other direct-earn partners including BNZ, State Insurance, Genesis Energy, and Elgas.

Each partner offers different earning opportunities with some being more attractive than others. Some are more targeted to businesses that are looking to earn Fly Buys on their everyday spend. You’ll find that you can earn points with:

  • Beaurepaires
  • BNZ
  • Elgas
  • Genesis Energy
  • Gilmours
  • Goodyear
  • Harrisons Carpet
  • Harrisons Commercial
  • Harrisons Curtains & Blinds
  • Harrisons Energy Solutions
  • iSubscribe
  • Minitankers
  • NZ Safety Blackwoods
  • Shell Vehicle Servicing
  • Southfuels
  • State Insurance
  • Trents Wholesale
  • Triton Hearing

One of the best options for increasing your Fly Buys earning is using products offered by BNZ, including credit cards, insurance, home loans and foreign exchange. There are quite a few options here and we’ll cover them in future guides.

You can see all Fly Buys partners and their offers here.

Summing up

Scanning your card at the checkout is just a starting point — there are plenty of opportunities to maximise your Fly Buys points earn with a variety of partners, including some that don’t require any spend.

The biggest downside is that you are having to regularly engage with the program to get the most out of it. It doesn’t lend itself to a set-and-forget approach, so if you’re going to try and maximise your points by tactical spending and points promotion, be prepared to sink a little time into this.

While you won’t need to register for offers, you will need to keep an eye on which ones are available. You don’t want to spend $25 at Liquorland and then realise that an extra $5 would have earned you a stash of bonus points.

Another downside is that Fly Buys isn’t quite as transparent as Air New Zealand’s Airpoints program. The value of each point will vary depending on what you are redeeming it on – this will be covered by our next guide.

I’ve found the points earned, so far, have paid off – especially as many can be earned at no cost. As such, I consider that Fly Buys membership should be a vital part of any New Zealand household’s points earning strategy, and you’ll see more about the program here at Point Hacks moving forward.

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