Frequent Flyer Guides

Simplifying the world of points

Point Hacks has a vast range of guides to help you earn more rewards points, and use them with methods and tactics to get the most value from them – it’s at the core of what the site is about. We have a range of how-to’s relating to frequent flyer programs, bank rewards programs and hotel loyalty programs.

Beginners Guides

Using Points – Getting Started

  • Who, What, When, Where and How?
    • Figure out some of the key constraints and goals you have when it comes to using your points.

  • Planning
    • Why and how planning ahead in using your points is important.

  • Flexibility
    • The easiest way to start your planning is to look at the flights you want. Where do you want to go, and when? Flexibility is key.

  • Tools
    • Finding out which rewards are available can sometimes be the most difficult part of using your points – these are the tools that can help.

Frequent Flyer Program Guides