Earn 500 Airpoints Dollars on Spark Unlimited Plans

Guide to earning Airpoints Dollars with Spark

GUIDE: Earning Points
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POSTED: December 2, 2019
UPDATED: December 6, 2019
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Sign up to Spark’s Unlimited Mobile and Unplan Broadband Plans before 7 December, and you’ll earn 500 Airpoints Dollars.

I value 500 APD as being equal to 29,500 points with other frequent flyer programmes, using this converstion method.

You’ll be eligible for this offer when:

  • You are already on an Unlimited Mobile plan (excl. Group Sharers) or Unplan Broadband Plan, and you join up for the plan you’re not currently with; or
  • You join both the Unplan Broadband and Unlimited Mobile plans at the same time.

To earn the bonus Airpoints Dollars, you need to remain subscribed to both Unlimited Mobile and Unplan Broadband for two consecutive months.

Follow the instructions on this promotion page to join.

While we won’t comment on the value of these plans, and recommend you still compare options, this Airpoints offer will appeal to those who were already considering joining with Spark.

In recent years, the options for earning points outside of travel has opened up considerably.

There are now numerous ways to earn points from our day-to-day expenses including topping-up fuel, shopping through the Airpoints Mall, dining spend as well as booking accommodation for your next getaway.

In this article, we will run through your options for earning Airpoints Dollars from new plans with Spark, which has recently come onboard as a new phone and internet partner.

We will not be doing any price comparisons in this post given how personal the options can be – you will need to look at the different phone and internet providers and determine which works for your needs.

Earn Airpoints Dollars with Spark

50 Airpoints Dollars with signup

Spark is offering 50 Airpoints Dollars (APD) for:

If you sign up for both an eligible phone and internet plan, you will earn a total of 100 APD.

You can only earn Airpoints for purchases made online (and not if you make a purchase in-store or over the phone).

You provide your Airpoints details by following the instructions on this partner page.

The full partner terms and conditions can be read here.

I value 50 APD as being equal to 2,950 points with other frequent flyer programmes, using this converstion method.

Paying using the right credit card and other payment options

You should always aim to pay your bills with a points-earning credit card in order to earn additional points on top of those that you earn with the partner.

The points earn will help to counter the 1.5% surcharge for using a credit card for recurrent billing.

All Airpoints cards will allow you to earn points with phone companies like Spark at the same rate as other purchases.

The highest earning card you could use is the American Express Airpoints Platinum where you’ll earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $59 spent.

Summing up

Make sure to take time to shop around and verify you are getting good value from these plans before you commit to earning Airpoints.

In particular, you should check if going for a competitive non-points earning option with another provider might save you more money than one with Airpoints Dollars included, as I generally don’t think it’s a good idea to be wasting extra money in the quest for more points.

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