Earning and Using Points – First Principles

Earning points is easier than one might think, and it’s not just for the execs who get flown around Business Class weekly to rack up their points. I can assure you, there’s no voodoo going on.

Over the next week or so, we’re going to be publishing some short “First Principles” articles, focusing on the basics of earning and using points.

The key is making sure you’re earning rewards for things you’re already spending money on and possibly adjusting where and how you’re spending. There’s absolutely no need to outlay any more money than you currently do to earn rewards.

We’re going to be talking about how to start your points journey, as well as ways to boost your points balances using flights, credit cards and other offers and partners.

Once you’ve earned the points, you obviously need to be able to use them. In those pieces, we’re going to cover off things like planning, flexibility and what some of the best tools to use are.

Many of you will know a fair bit about all of this, but there’s always room for beginners to learn from the start here on Point Hacks.

If you can see room for expansion in any of the topics, then please do join in and comment.

Stay tuned for the full series as they are published over the next couple of weeks.

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