How to earn points with Expedia Rewards on your next flight or hotel booking

Guide to earning and using points with Expedia Rewards

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POSTED: May 2, 2018
UPDATED: May 4, 2018
STATUS: Name change to Expedia Rewards; Can now use points with no minimum on hotel redemptions

Expedia is a popular booking channel for flights, hotels, car hire, and activities.

Their membership program – Expedia Rewards – allows you to earn points which can be redeemed for credit on future hotel bookings or flight & hotel packages.

Rewards points awarded for flight bookings are available in addition to the frequent flyer points you’d normally earn by booking direct.

With no booking fees, and flight prices generally matching what you can find through the airline direct, it’s worth booking flights with Expedia, and ‘triple-dipping’ on points earn, including Rewards points, frequent flyer points, and any points you’ll usually pick up by using a credit card.


These are the key reasons for using the program:

  • Earn Rewards points on flight bookings, plus frequent flyer points
  • Earn points when booking stays for other people (useful if you have become the de facto travel planner / booker in your family or group of friends)
  • Earn points across a vast range of airlines, hotels and car rental bookings
  • Redeem points on hotels with no minimum number required, no blackout dates, and combined with promotional coupons
  • Earn bonus points on mobile app bookings, and on all bookings once you have +Silver or +Gold status

Earning Expedia Rewards points

You’ll earn:

  1. 2 Rewards points per NZ$1 spent on hotels, flight + hotel packages, activities, and car hire with select suppliers
  2. 1 Rewards point per NZ$5 spent on flights

You’ll earn double Rewards points for flights and hotels if using the Expedia mobile app.

Points will be awarded once your booking has been completed, in accordance with the following timeframes:

Eligible BookingPoint Confirmation Timing
Flights30 days after travel completion
Holiday packages30 days after travel completion
Hotel paid at time of booking30 days after travel completion
Hotel paid at time of stay35 days after travel completion
CarUp to 90 days after travel completion
Activities30 days after completion

Rewards points will not expire as long as there is a qualifying purchase or redemption activity through Expedia at least once every 18 months.

Redeeming Expedia Rewards points

Redeeming Rewards points is pretty simple – use them as you earn them for hotels, or cash them in for a $25 voucher that can be used on flight & hotel packages once you have a minimum of 3,500 points.

The points are worth as follows:

  1. Standard hotels; flights & hotel package = 0.7 cents each
  2. +VIP Access hotels = 1.4 cents each

As you can see, your points are worth twice as much for +VIP access hotels, versus the standard hotels generally available on Expedia.

You can browse through all the +VIP Access hotels here.

There are 12 participating properties in New Zealand, and 66 participating in Australia.

Heritage Queenstown

The Heritage Queenstown shows up as a +VIP Access hotel option

Expedia Rewards status

Earning +silver or +gold status with Expedia Rewards is pretty simple – stay 7 nights or spend NZ$5,000 for +silver; 15 nights or NZ$10,000 for +gold.

The primary benefit of +silver and +gold is additional points. You’ll earn:

  • 250 bonus points if you book a +VIP Access hotel
  • 10% more points on all eligible bookings as a +silver member
  • 30% more points on all eligible bookings as a +gold member

Both tiers receive priority customer service, concierge benefits in Hawaii, Orlando and other holiday destinations, plus special amenities and services at select +VIP hotels, including:

  • free parking
  • spa credits
  • complimentary food and drink
  • upgraded in-room entertainment
  • priority check-in

Those with +gold status will also be eligible for room upgrades, including:

  • a larger room or a suite in a preferred location
  • a special view
  • special in-room amenities

Expedia Coupons

You can stack traditional Expedia coupon codes with any Rewards points redemption, as shown in the examples below.

Coupon example

We keep track of the coupon offers for the main OTA sites, and publish them here.

Expedia’s booking, change and cancellation fees

Expedia doesn’t charge any up-front booking fees on either hotels or flights.

They do charge change and cancellation fees for flight bookings on top of the airline’s own fees and the difference in fare.

If you are looking to make a flexible reservation and minimise the cost of any flight changes, then you are probably better booking with the airline direct.

If a hotel allows a change or cancellation under the rate conditions for your reservation, Expedia won’t charge any additional fees to make a change.

Summing up

The Expedia Rewards program has its benefits, in particular for confirmed flights where there is an opportunity to earn some extra points.

The value proposition for hotel bookings can also be considerable, particularly if you have status, book via the mobile app, stack with a coupon code, and frequently stay and redeem points for +VIP hotels.

For example, stack a 12% coupon code with an earn rate of 5.2 Rewards points per $1 (as a +gold status member, booked via the mobile app), and you’ll effectively be receiving a 15.6% ‘discount’ on your booking.

Also, while you can also earn Airpoints Dollars with Expedia via their partnership with Air New Zealand, the Expedia Rewards program does work out to be better value. You could earn 1 Airpoints Dollar per $75 NZD spent on hotel stays, versus up to 300 Rewards points for the same booking made on the Expedia mobile app (worth between $2.10 and $4.20).

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