How to boost your Amex Membership Rewards points with AT HOP in Auckland

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POSTED: July 19, 2018
UPDATED: October 16, 2019
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STATUS: Added New World, Kitchener Road, Milford

For many in Auckland, catching trains, buses, and ferries is part of everyday life, and can also be a major annual household expense.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to slowly increase my points balances. I spend at least $1,500 per year catching the train to work. I am no stranger to topping-up my AT HOP using a credit card – that’s not rocket science. Most ticket and top-up machines across Auckland accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Diners with no surcharge.

However, I recently stumbled across a new way to bring in points from public transport spend in Auckland when topping-up the AT HOP card.

There are a few supermarkets across Auckland where you can top-up your AT HOP card, and earn bonus American Express Membership Rewards Points.

If you have an American Express Platinum Edge card, you will earn 3 Membership Rewards points on every dollar spent on the top-up at these supermarkets, rather than the 1 point you would have earned if you paid via a top-up machine, or other smaller retailers.

Here’s a current known list of supermarkets in Auckland where you can earn bonus Membership Rewards points on every AT HOP top-up:

  • PAK’nSAVE Sylvia Park
  • PAK’nSAVE Westgate
  • PAK’nSAVE Silverdale
  • New World Green Bay
  • New World Milford, Kitchener Road

Summing up

The list isn’t extensive, and I only know for sure that you can top-up at using this technique at PAK’nSAVE Sylvia Park. I have extracted the others from here, and here.

Nevertheless, this is a nice little hack for earning additional points from everyday spend, if you live or work nearby one of these supermarkets.

I will earn a total of 4,500 Membership Rewards points per annum by topping-up in this way, as opposed to only 1,500 if I just used the Platinum Edge on one of the top-up machines.

If you know of any other major supermarkets that provide for AT HOP top-up, please let us know in the comments section below.

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