Bonus Airpoints Dollars or Fly Buys at Liquorland until 9 September

How to earn Fly Buys or Airpoints Dollars at Liquorland

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POSTED: August 29, 2018
UPDATED: August 26, 2018
LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Air New Zealand Airpoints, Fly Buys

Liquorland are offering double Airpoints Dollars or Fly Buys points when you make a qualifying purchase until September 9.

The rules of the offer are:

  • Valid for your first transaction only of $25 or more
  • Valid for purchases in-store or via click-and-collect
  • Qualifying spend excludes purchases of gift card and tobacco
  • Bonus points will be credited before 14 October 2018

Read on below for more tips on how to earn points on purchases with Liquorland.

Guide to earning points at Liquorland

Liquorland is a specialist New Zealand liquor retailer, not to be confused with the business of the same name on the other side of the Tasman!

You have a choice between earning 0.185 Airpoints Dollars or 1 Fly Buys point for every $25 spent at Liquorland – but not both.

Liquorland will keep track of your spend over twelve months. Any purchases under the $25 threshold will add up so you don’t miss out.

To earn points in either program, simply show the relevant membership card in-store when making a purchase.

If you are ordering online for click-and-collect, enter your card number into the form that looks like this:

So, should I be earning Fly Buys points, or Airpoints Dollars?

On the assumption that you are trying to maximise your points earn towards flight redemptions, Airpoints will come slightly ahead of Fly Buys on a strict dollar value basis.

However, I find that Fly Buys points offer more flexibility at the time of making your redemption, which in my mind increases their overall value.

Fly Buys points have a fixed value of 16.6c each where put towards a flight booking with helloworld. You can also earn standard points and status on these bookings, and Fly Buys, which can really boost the value proposition.

You’ll earn the equivalent of 18.5c with Airpoints for the same $25 spend, but you’re restricted to redeeming these on flights with Air New Zealand and their partners, and flight upgrades.

If your goal is to travel with just Air New Zealand, or you already have a significant Airpoints Dollars balance, then opting to earn Airpoints Dollars will probably be the better option.

However, if you want the flexibility to redeem on both Air New Zealand and a full range of other airlines, and a chance to still earn points on those bookings, then Fly Buys may be more favourable.

Double dip: pay using a points-earning credit card

Liquorland accept Visa and Mastercard with no transaction fees.

Amex cardholders will need to purchase a gift card from a participating supermarket if they want to collect points. These can only be used in-store and not with click-and-collect purchases online.

If paying for your purchases with a gift card, make sure to max out your points earn with the American Express Platinum Edge, where you’ll earn the equivalent of 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $58.33 spent.

As a flexible points program, you’ll also have the choice to transfer your Membership Rewards points to other frequent flyer programs like Qantas Frequent Flyer, KrisFlyer, and Velocity. With these programs, you’ll earn the equivalent of 1.5 points/miles per $1 spent.

Summing up

Liquorland offer frequent bonus point offers that you should try and plan your purchases around.

Earning Fly Buys points offers slightly better value than Airpoints in terms of redemption opportunities, though not so great a difference that you should stress about which card to use!

Be sure to swing by a supermarket and pick up a gift card before heading off to the store if you want to pay with your American Express.

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