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500 Fly Buys points or $75 cash back for new Card Members with BNZ Advantage Visa Classic

BNZ are offering 500 bonus Fly Buys points for new Card Members of the BNZ Advantage Visa Classic.

Alternatively, new Card Members could opt for a $75 cash back.

A minimum spend of $1,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months from approval is required to receive either the bonus Fly Buys points or cash back.

There is also 1000 bonus Fly Buys points or $150 cash back on offer with the BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum, a more premium credit card that comes with complimentary insurances and a higher Fly Buys point earn on spend.

You can fly Air New Zealand for as little as 235 Fly Buys points (Auckland to Wellington)

Digging into the benefits of the BNZ Advantage Visa Classic credit card

The BNZ Advantage Visa Classic is an introductory credit card for those looking to earn Fly Buys points or cash back from everyday spend.

Card Details

CardBNZ Advantage Visa Classic
Loyalty ProgrammeFly Buys
Points earned from spend1 Fly Buys point earned per $40 spend on eligible purchases
$1 Cash Reward per $150 spend

Until 31 March 2019, earn 50% more Fly Buys points or Cash Rewards on travel purchases at any airline; hotel, motel or resort; travel agency or tour operator
Points CapNone
Travel benefitsNone
Interest free daysUp to 55 days
Foreign currency fee2.25% of the converted amount
Annual fee$20 half-yearly
Joint or additional card$10 half-yearly

Earning Fly Buys points from spend

With the BNZ Advantage Visa Classic, there is no points cap on what you can earn, and the card will sweep over your points to your Fly Buys account on a monthly basis, as you’d expect.

Cash Rewards

BNZ offer the choice to earn ‘Cash Rewards’ instead of Fly Buys points. These are effectively a credit of monetary value to your card account, or to another BNZ account where they can be withdrawn as cash.

Should I opt for the Fly Buys bonus or the cash back?

We value Fly Buys points at 16 cents each, as that is how much they are worth when making a flight redemption via Air New Zealand and helloworld.

This gives the 500 bonus points a value of just over $83. Even taking into account the minimum $1,500 spend to receive the bonus, this will still come out ahead of the $75 bonus cash back:

BonusPoints/Cash Rewards
after $1,500 minimum spend
Total value
500 Fly Buys points38 Fly Buys Points538 Fly Buys Points
(~$89.66 value)
$75 Cash Rewards$10 Cash Rewards$85

However, what about the ongoing earn rate?

At 1 Fly Buys point per $40 spend, you are receiving an effective 0.4% return on everyday spend.

This is less than the 0.6% return if you opt for Cash Rewards.

As a cash credit to your credit card or saving account will offer spend flexibility equal to or better than using Fly Buys points, we recommend opting for Cash Rewards after you have taken the 500 bonus Fly Buys points.

You can change your preferred rewards at any time by contacting BNZ at 0800 275 269, or sending a secure message through internet banking.

Bonus Fly Buys and Cash Rewards offers

BNZ offer the chance to earn bonus Fly Buys points or Cash Rewards when you use your BNZ Advantage credit card throughout the year. Visit this page to see where you can get bonus rewards.

Visa Travel Benefits

BNZ Advantage Visa Classic Card Members will have access to an assortment of other Visa offers + perks, including travel and dining experiences across the globe.

BNZ Apple Pay and Android Pay support

BNZ cards support both Apple Pay & Google Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments. Find out more in our guides for each of the compatible services.

Summing up: BNZ Advantage Visa Classic

The BNZ Advantage Visa Classic offers cardholders the ability to either earn Fly Buys points, or Cash Rewards. It has a low annual fee and is a good introductory points or cashback earning credit card.

If you are a die-hard Fly Buys points collector, this card will offer you the ability to boost your earn from everyday spend throughout the year, particularly at retailers that allow double dipping on points earn. However opting for Cash Rewards may offer better long-term value. Make sure you do the maths to determine what will work best for you.

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