Qantas Sydney T3 Domestic Business Lounge Overview

As part of a recent trip to Canberra in Qantas Business Class, I called into the Qantas Domestic Business Class Lounge in Sydney so we could create this overview of one of Qantas’ flagship domestic lounges.

In short – while the Sydney lounge is not part of their recent lounge refurbishment program in Perth, Canberra and soon Brisbane – it still has good views, dining and comfortable seating, whilst still feeling relatively modern.
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Qantas Sydney International Business Lounge Overview

Recent travel arrangements saw two of the Point Hacks team with flights departing from Sydney’s International Terminal and an opportunity to check out Qantas’ Sydney International Business Lounge.

We thought it a perfect opportunity to combine our experiences and reflect on what the lounge has to offer, in particular, space, comfort, facilities and, of course, food and beverage options.
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Air New Zealand Sydney Lounge Overview

Air New Zealand reopened its new $13 million NZD Business Class lounge at Sydney International Airport in May 2015, after 6 months of temporary facilities – and hot dogs – while the re-fit program took place.

During a recent visit to Sydney from Auckland, I was able to spend some time in the lounge, take a few photos, and let you know how it stacks up.
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Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge Review – Hong Kong Airport

It’s turning into a bit of a Cathay Pacific week on Point Hacks. Bear with me. The last couple of times I’ve been to Hong Kong this year I’ve had the privilege of passing through Cathay’s refurbished ‘The Wing’ First Class Lounge, which opened with a fanfare back in February – here’s a few pictures of what to expect if you’re travelling First Class on Cathay Pacific, or can access The Wing thanks to holding Qantas Platinum / oneworld emerald status.

Cathay refurbished The Wing Business Class lounge in 2012 which I reviewed here, and I was keen to compare the First Class offering against the Business Class lounge which really won me over on my previous visits.

For the First Class refurbishment, Cathay took the opportunity to rework their renowned Cabanas, where you get a small private room to shower, bathe or hang out for a while in. They also have ‘The Haven’, which offers a mixed buffet and menu in a dining room / restaurant environment. Continue reading…

Cathay Pacific’s ‘The Cabin’ Business Class Lounge review – Hong Kong Airport

When Cathay Pacific opened the Cabin in late 2010, it gave a glimpse into a new modern design philosophy for their ‘hard product’ – lounges, seating, etc. – which would be rolling out across their network in the coming years, such as the refurbishment of The Wing, and their new Business Class seating.

I was keen to take a look around and see how the lounge had aged in the past 18 months. The Cabin is set up under the main departure floors in the middle of HKG, and is accessed by stairs or a lift down a floor, where it overlooks the tarmac, some departure gates and off into the distance, past some residential buildings. Continue reading…