Credit Card Referral Commissions

This page exists to provide transparency over the credit card offers written about on Point Hacks.

This page outlines which credit providers we currently receive commission from when referencing one of their products. Point Hacks receives commission on most credit cards mentioned on the site. Some products included on the site, and not included in the tables below, do not generate commissions.

For all outbound links to credit card offer pages, we attempt to declare the commission earned from a referred application close to that link on the page.

Note: If you use the Adblock plugin for your browser, you may not see credit card application links.

The site does not cover all products on the market, and also does not compare or include all features or fees of the products that are covered. We do not rank credit card products as one card may be more suitable for one consumer than another.

We try to only reference products or offers that don’t have a better publicly available offer in the market, such as on other websites. We attempt to only reference offers and products which are the best available in the market, regardless of whether commissions are received for a referral.

You should seek independent financial advice and consider your own personal financial circumstances before applying for any credit card.

American Express

Airpoints Platinumup to $150 per approval
Air New Zealand Cardup to $100 per approval
Platinum Edgeup to $150 per approval
Platinum Chargeup to $180 per approval


Airpoints World MasterCardn/a
Airpoints Platinum Mastercardn/a
Airpoints Mastercardn/a


Airpoints Platinum Visan/a
Airpoints Classic Visan/a


Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinumn/a
Air New Zealand Airpoints Standardn/a
Air New Zealand Airpoints Low Feen/a