Guide to the Auckland Airport Strata Club

Auckland Airport have their very own ‘frequent visitor’ programme, called Strata Club.

You’ll receive 1 Strata Point for every New Zealand dollar you spend with Strata Club Partners, including on duty free shopping, and booking Auckland Airport parking and Strata Lounge visits online.

We’ve explored the features of the Strata Club below, and how you can best take advantage of the programme. Auckland Airport have also helpfully compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions, and you can view the full list here.

Auckland Airport App

Auckland Airport app

Your ‘membership card’ is the Auckland Airport app. You simply show your Strata Club ID when you make a purchase, or sign into your Strata Club Profile when making a booking online.

Other key features of the app include:

  • Building a schedule of your journey through the airport, including storing all future flights along with parking and shuttle bookings.
  • Booking parking, Valet parking and grooming, or Super Shuttle before you travel. These bookings are then automatically added to your schedule.
  • Alerts as to when to leave home to make your flight, taking into account current traffic conditions. You’ll also receive alerts for when you need to head to check in, the time to head to security, the time to head to gate and more.
  • Import and export information to and from TripIt®.
  • Live status of every flight to and from Auckland, including flight timeline.
  • Reminders to collect pre-purchased duty-free goods before you fly.
  • Food and shopping information.
  • Provides you with exchange rates, time, calling codes, and 7-day weather forecasts for any destination from Auckland Airport.
  • Share your flight details with friends and family via text, email etc.

Membership Card

With Strata Club, there is no physical card – just a QR code on the Auckland Airport app.

Simply show your unique QR code when you make an in-person purchase.

You’ll find your Strata Club ID by selecting the QR code icon on the Auckland Airport app home screen or in the main menu once you’ve signed in.

Strata Points

Strata Points can be redeemed as eVouchers when booking Auckland Airport parking online.

As a Strata Club member, you will collect 1 Strata Point for every New Zealand dollar you spend with Strata Club Partners. Your Strata Points are valid for three years, which is great for those who aren’t travelling regularly.

Once you have 500 Strata Points, you can redeem these for a $5 eVoucher. This means that for every dollar you spend, you’re effectively earning back 1% of your spend.

Strata Points will appear in your Profile within 24 hours of the purchase. The value you may collect Strata Points on is based on the transaction value less any discounts, eVouchers, or Benefits that may have been applied. Any tobacco products, prepay and lotto purchases are ineligible to collect Strata Points or count towards your Tier Spend.

From time to time there will also be exclusive Strata Club offers that allow you to collect bonus Strata Points.

Collecting and Using Strata Points on the Auckland Airport app

Strata Points can be collected at the domestic and international terminals when shopping with Strata Club Partners, by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Profile when making the purchase
  2. Select your Strata Club ID
  3. Scan the ID at the checkout

When you have at least 500 Strata Points, and you want to convert these into an eVoucher:

  1. Go to eVouchers in your Profile
  2. Select the value of the eVoucher you wish to convert
  3. Convert into an eVoucher
  4. Scan your eVoucher code to save when shopping at Strata Club Partners (either give to the sales assistant, or use their Strata Club tablet if they have one)

Collecting and Using Strata Points on the Auckland Airport website

Strata Points can be collected online when booking airport parking, visits to the Strata Lounge, and online duty free shopping.

  1. Log into your Profile online
  2. Select the car park or Strata Lounge entry date
  3. Complete the purchase and the value of the booking will be added to your Profile.

Strata Points can also be converted into eVouchers at the payment page of the airport parking and Strata Lounge booking process.

  1. Log into your Profile online
  2. Select the car park or Strata Lounge entry date
  3. At the payment screen, select the eVoucher amount you would like to use
  4. Complete the purchase at the discounted rate

You can use multiple eVouchers at once to save more on a booking e.g. $5 eVoucher + a $10 eVoucher can be used to save $15.

Collecting Strata Points from online Duty Free Shopping

The Mall Strata

Travelling overseas? You can complete your duty free shopping online up to 6 months before your flight, earn Strata points, and then collect your purchases before your departure flight, or on arrival into New Zealand.

This also provides a great opportunity to compare retail and airport prices before you buy – especially if you are planning a big ticket purchase, such as a new Apple computer or phone.

Tier and Benefits

Silver, Gold and Platinum Tier members can receive discounted or limited free access to the Strata Lounge

As soon as you join, you’ll instantly receive extended complimentary Wi-Fi at the airport, up to 3 hours, or 2GB of data. You can enjoy this every time you visit (on different days). You will also find exclusive Strata Club offers and special deals when you shop in the Domestic and International terminals.

Dependent on how much you spend at the airport in a year, you will move up to the next Tier. See the table below for the spend thresholds for each Tier level.

TierMinimum Spend to Reach per year
NormalNo minimum spend
Silver $250

The specific benefits and offers received at the different levels are listed below:


  • Unlimited Wi-Fi time up to 2.0GB of data, faster than standard
  • $10 off a Strata Lounge entry
  • International parking upgrade from car park E to A for a booking of between 3 & 10 days
  • Domestic parking upgrade from car park K to M for a booking of up to 5 days
  • Free drink with daily special food purchase


All Silver benefits, plus:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi time up to 4.0GB of data, up to four times faster than standard
  • Extra voucher for $20 off a Strata Lounge pass
  • Upgrade to Valet Parking from car parks R, D and A
  • $20 off Wash & Wax when you book Valet Parking
  • $10 off a $50 food & beverage purchase


All Silver and Gold benefits, plus:

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi time up to 5.0GB of data, Premium speed up to eight times faster than standard
  • Discounted weekend Valet Parking of $59 for 3 days (or $69 for 4 days) – 2 for domestic Valet Parking and 2 for international Valet Parking
  • Complimentary TripIt Pro for 1 year
  • Two for One Strata Lounge Entry (standard stay)
  • One Strata Lounge Entry (standard stay)
  • Complimentary bottle of wine, or up to 5 drinks, with $200 food purchase

Enjoying your Benefits

Strata Lounga

Your Strata Lounge benefits are easy to redeem when booking your visit in advance online

Tier Benefits can be used when booking airport services online as well as using the Auckland Airport app when you shop at Strata Club Partners. Below is more information for how you can make the most of your Tier Benefits. Note that only one benefit can be used with each purchase and cannot be used in conjunction with Strata Points redemption or other offers.

Benefits can be used in person at Strata Club Partners by logging into your Profile on the Auckland Airport app:

  1. Go to Benefits in your Profile
  2. Select the Benefit you wish to use
  3. Scan the Benefit with the Strata Club Partner when making the purchase

This is also how you can connect to the Wi-Fi for extended complimentary use (e.g. go to “Strata Wi-Fi Benefit” on the Benefits page). Alternatively, you can connect to the Wi-Fi by choosing the Auckland Airport network and signing in with your Strata Club Membership email address and password.

Parking upgrades and Strata Lounge discounts can be accessed on the Auckland Airport website, once they have been awarded to you based on your Tier level:

  1. Log into your Profile online
  2. Select the car park or Strata Lounge entry date
  3. Select the special parking or Strata Lounge Benefit and continue to purchase; or select the discount Benefit at the payment screen you wish to use

Note that for parking, Tier Benefits are only available for bookings made online in advance, and they do not apply to drive ups. You’ll need to book your airport parking online at least 24 hours before your visit.

If you have reached Platinum Tier, you can request your free TripIt Pro licence here.

Strata Club Partners

There are many locations at Auckland Airport where your Membership is recognised, you can find the full list here. While most stores allow you to collect Strata Points and Tier Spend, there are a few that do not currently allow you to redeem eVouchers – we’ll update the list below when and if this situation changes:

PartnersCurrent Offers
The MallDuty and tax free shopping online
Aelia Duty Free*
Cape to Bluff
Eye Love*
G Factory
Kiwi Discovery
The Loop Duty Free
MAC Cosmetics*
Merino Collection
Mountain Jade
Victoria's Secret*
Walker & Hall
Eat & Drink
Espresso Bar
Hayama Sushi
The Hub Convenience*
Long White Cafe
Shaky Isles
Retro Espresso
Wayfarer Cafe
TripIt Pro
Cigna Travel Insurance
Auckland Airport Services
Auckland Airport Parking
Strata Lounge

* You will be recognised and can collect Strata Points and Tier Spend with these stores. However, you are currently unable to redeem eVouchers.

Summing up

If you’re based in, or travel through Auckland regularly, there is no harm in joining the Strata Club and collecting points for spend.

If you plan to make a major purchase, such as on a new mobile phone, tablet, or notebook, it may be worthwhile exploring whether that purchase is best made at the airport. You could catapult to the Gold or Diamond Tier of the Strata Club with one purchase.

It would obviously be worth shopping around to see if airport pricing is competitive – and thanks to The Mall, this is now easy to do online – but if the benefits received under the different Tiers would likely save you money in other ways, you can factor this into your purchase decision.

While a 1% rebate on spend is very little, it’s a 1% rebate for doing nothing other than showing or entering your membership number – seems an easy choice to make!

Supplementary images courtesy of Strata Club

Guide to the Auckland Airport Strata Club was last modified: May 9th, 2019 by Daniel Kinnoch