Get $5 back when you spend $15 or more at Burger Fuel using your American Express card

Guide to discounts and credits from Amex Offers

Amex Offers is a program available through most Amex cards, which entitles cardholders to discounts and savings by crediting users’ accounts when eligible purchases are made. These offers can often offset the annual fee on a card.

In short – if you shop at a specific business, Amex will pay you to do so.

While not as prevalent in New Zealand as in Australia, these offers have become far more regular here over the past twelve months.

Current offers

If you’re a holder of an American Express card, it is worth keeping an eye on your email inbox for Amex Offers that can be taken advantage of during rotating promotions.

For example, Amex are currently offering:

Three important notes:

  • Not every offer is put in front of all cardholders—these can be somewhat personalised, so you may see something in your account that another person doesn’t
  • You must use the card enrolled in the offer to access the benefit. If you have more than one card, or supplementaries, enrol them all so you can take advantage of these offers multiple times
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions for each offer

What are Amex Offers?

Amex Offers is a program for holders of Amex-issued cards, which provides a statement credit to your account for making an eligible purchase. Think of it as an instant cashback offer without having to deal with any paperwork.

Just keep in mind that some business, travel, government and prepaid cards are not eligible.

How Amex Offers works

You’ll stumble across Amex Offers in the following ways:

  1. Via Point Hacks!
  2. Targeted emails sent your inbox
  3. Amex phone app, where the offers will appear amongst your statement feed

Once you have registered your card for an offer, make the eligible purchase following the terms and conditions, and then receive your statement credit.

For example, I took advantage of the current Burger Fuel offer. First, I registered my Amex Platinum, and received the following email confirmation:


My wife and I head out for dinner, and Amex confirmed the cashback via email, almost instantly:


With the Burger Fuel offer, if your in-store spend costs $30 or more, you could always ask them to charge multiple Amex cards, so you claim the cashback more than once – e.g. my wife has a supplementary card, and we both ‘paid’ for our dinner separately. Just make sure you register each card for the offer.

According to the terms and conditions, statement credits are processed within five working days but can take up to 90 days after the end of the offer to appear in your account. In my experience, however, statement credits have appeared within 48 hours or less of the purchase being made.

Amex Live Local: Amex Offers on steroids

American Express also runs Live Local, usually once or twice per year, where any American Express card can register for statement credits at various small businesses that accept American Express, usually in Auckland.

A common Live Local promotion offers a $10 credit on your account each time you spend $20 or more at up to five different participating small businesses.

Auckland Restaurant Month

Aucklanders have Restaurant Month to look forward to each year. Read our guide here for more information on how you can get cashback dining out in Auckland during the month of August.

Summing up: Amex Offers

American Express continues to try and innovate for the consumer, and with Amex Offers, they are providing an increasing number of deals to their customers.

Keeping an eye on the mobile app is an easy way to see where you can score some discounts in the form of statement credits.

But the usual rules of discount hunting apply—don’t go overboard and spend more than you would have done anyway just because there’s a deal!

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