Beginner’s Guide: How to link Travel Partners to your American Express Membership Rewards account

GUIDE: Using Points
DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
TIME TO READ: 3 minutes
POSTED: March 26, 2018
UPDATED: March 25, 2018
LOYALTY PROGRAMS: American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards allow members to earn points with everyday spend on select American Express credit cards, like the Platinum Edge and Platinum Charge.

You’ll get the best value from your points when you transfer them into one of their many frequent traveller partners, where they can be redeemed for awards like flights and hotel stays.

The New Zealand program includes the following frequent traveller partners:

Before you can transfer membership rewards points to any of these programs, you first have to link your account information. This guide will show you how.

Step 1: Log in to your American Express Membership Rewards Account

Head to the travel partner page, and click ‘Log In / Enrol’.

Enter your User ID and password:

Step 2: Select the program that you wish to link to

Once you log in, you’ll then return to the page that lists the travel partners:

Click ‘Transfer Points’ beneath the partner that you would like to link your account to:

The following notification box will pop up. Click ‘Add Another Partner Programme’:

Step 3: Enter the partner account information

You will then be taken to the partner page that allows you to add your account number and link the accounts together. Below is an example of what is displayed for Enrich.

Click ‘Add Account’ once you’ve input the necessary account information:

Program partners like Hilton and SPG will also seek details of your name and address.

Step 4: Verify whether your accounts have been linked

If everything goes to plan, you should receive an email, confirming that your accounts have been linked:

You can also check the travel partner page, where the program will appear as such with a tick in the top-right corner if properly linked:

If the link is still pending, it will display a clock symbol instead:

My Experience

I had difficulty linking to both Qantas and Enrich through the Amex website. Both programs rejected my frequent flyer account number. I had to call Amex and ask that they manually link the accounts. With Qantas, they allegedly would not accept my full first name, and the customer service officer needed to reduce it to an initial. This is despite the website displaying an error suggesting that it was because my Qantas account number was incorrect.

As such, be sure to link your accounts once you receive your Amex Membership Rewards card, and not when you’re planning to make a transfer. If you have problems, you could miss out on a redemption, as you’ll also have to wait for the points to transfer.

Funnily enough, even if the Amex website suggests that the partner account link is ‘pending’, it may still let you initiate a points transfer. I did this with Qantas, and despite suggesting that the link was pending, and that it can take 3 business days to transfer, the Qantas Points hit my account on the same day. Though I don’t recommend taking the risk.

Summing Up

The American Express Membership Rewards program is one of the most flexible programs to earn points with. They have a great range of travel transfer partners, unrivalled by any other credit card issuer in New Zealand.

Follow the simple steps above, and you can have all of your travel programs linked, and ready to transfer your Membership Rewards points once you’ve found your dream redemption.

Be sure to link your accounts once you receive your card – don’t wait until you need to make a redemption. You don’t need to have any points to get everything set up and ready for a transfer.

Also be sure to read our guide on flexible points programs, and why we think they are the best option for earning points from everyday spend.

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